Our Platform

Bump has designed an easy-to-use custom application for an android tablet for each seller to use during a live sporting event. The sellers walk around with the tablet and a mobile hip printer and with a simple click of a button is able to produce a 50:50 raffle ticket for fans to participate in the draw. With each ticket sold the jackpot total raises and is displayed on the tablet. The jackpot totals can also be deployed to the scoreboards and/or any screens available in the arena. With a triple redundancy program built into the system a seller can easily sell tickets in any area of the arena without any interference.

Bump also supplies Kiosks for sellers to use with a scrolling pot total on an LCD screen right above them. With a healthy mix of mobile sellers and kiosks your raffle program is sure to be a hit.

Key Features include:

  • Credit card sales
  • Ability to collect phone numbers
  • Triple redundancy system assuring no down time or “syncing issues”
  • 24 hour tech support
  • Easy communication with sellers from foundation built into the application
  • NO NEED FOR WIFI INFRASTRUCTURE … our system is a “stand alone” platform and can be deployed in any environment
  • Bump 50:50 has an online and mobile platform developed for 50:50 raffles.

Bump 50:50 is GLI 31 certified.   On July 25, 2015, GLI-31 v1.1 was updated to incorporate innovations and refinements for existing and novel technologies. Bump has achieved certification under this stringent standard and has demonstrated that its proprietary system has the highest level of technical integrity in the electronic raffle market.


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