All about Bump

Bump 50:50 is a division of Sportech PLC.

Sportech PLC is a sports gaming and entertainment company and one of the world’s leading pool betting organisations, focusing on highly regulated markets worldwide.

One of the primary obligations under our licences is to treat customers fairly. To ensure we always maintain the highest standards of compliance and integrity, the Group has a Director of Corporate Affairs, who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the terms of the Gambling Act 2005.

BUMP 50:50 is a software program that allows NHL, MLB, NFL,NBA and NCAA sports foundations to raise MORE money through their 50/50 raffle program.

Bump 50:50 host the #1 NHL 50:50 raffle program (Jets), the #1 NBA raffle program (Bulls), #1 MLS raffle program (Timbers) and the #1 NFL raffle program (Lions). Bump is far beyond just a technology company, we help foundation build a successful raffle program from the ground up.

Bump 50:50 is a 50/50 raffle solution provider uniquely positioned to help organizations increase their revenue through implementing a new 50/50 program or improving an existing one. Our platform is a milestone in the evolution of the 50/50 raffle and allows for foundations to access the technical and business management capabilities required to increase revenue, efficiency, and accountability for their 50/50 raffle program. Bump 50:50 attends to all aspects of the 50/50 raffle program including: business strategy, set-up and execution, training and platform support, as well as ongoing in-depth sales analytics to ensure business performance optimization.

Bump’s management team has extensive experience as leading 50/50 raffle solution providers with expertise in both the operational and technical processes required to design, build, and optimize a 50/50 raffle program. Bump 50:50 delivers the best strategies and solutions to significantly increase profit for existing 50/50 raffle programs and set new 50/50 raffle programs on the right path to achieve maximum revenue.

Bump 50:50 is GLI 31 certified.   On July 25, 2015, GLI-31 v1.1 was updated to incorporate innovations and refinements for existing and novel technologies. Bump has achieved certification under this stringent standard and has demonstrated that its proprietary system has the highest level of technical integrity in the electronic raffle market.


Watch a Vlog about one of Bump’s site visits to the Winnipeg Jets: